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Summing mixer inside - How Its Made - Gear Inside

Inside of Summing Mixers 

Go with a vintage maker.


Great guy with fantastic sounding summing mixers at a very reasonable cost.


You can get an many channels and options you want.


You could get one larger or more featured than what I have posted for under $3k.

But here is the cool part. He builds each unit to order, you can layout the panel as you like, and get whatever options and channel counts you want. He asked if I wanted a red or blue power LED. I went blue.

I went for a 24 channel summer. The configuration I went for was:
24 in (3XDB25), 3 pairs (6 XLR) of the same out. Active passive switch w/ Neumann 475 make up gain when active. For each group of 8 in's the first four can switch to mono from stereo. I end up with either 12 mono and 6 stereo, or 12 stereo channels, or anywhere between. Any pair of channels can be switched off. In passive mode, you can use any of your other preamps as make up gain.

What makes this work is the summing matrix only has center, right, and left. The stereo imaging is fantastic. 

You can have as many features you want at real low cost for ultimate quality, but no pan knobs.

Since stereo panning in digital is one only aspects of digital audio I prefer over analog, I don't mind the panning issues to be inside the DAW.