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2U ACTIVE 64/96

64 - 96 Input Channel Summing Mixers 


2in1 Neumann  96x8 D-Sub /D-Sub 16xSTM 10xSND 4xSLAVE SUM

96 input summing mixer

3in1 Active/Passive Neumann 96 DB25 in / 8 DB25 out 16xSTM 10xSND/RET A/B Out Switch CTRL, 8x Channel Insert

Price: order 

  • Neumann v475-2C NOS 

    Master Active/Passive by front switch
    Master out Stereo to Mono Switch Option (Mono Compatibility Test)
    21 step precision Neumann 2C master gain potentiometers
    Black vintage chicken head knobs
    Power LED: Blue
    110-240VAC to 24VDC PSu Eu plug

    Master Section Ins: 
    48 In by 6 X DB25  (1-8) (9-16) (17-24) (25-32) (33-40) (41-48)
    8xStereo to Mono by Switch for:
    4xStereo to mono on Stereo CH1-CH4 = (1-8) 8 mono
    4xStereo to mono on Stereo CH9-CH12 = (17-24) 8 mono

    Master Section Outs - Send/Return - Aux:
    5x Stereo Master Out A/B/C/D/E/ by 2x DB25 
    5x On/Off, front Switch Option for A/B/C/D/E
    3x Master Send/Return/Enable/Disable by 2xDB25 (SND1 and SND2 and SND3 Chained) SND3 in the MIDDLE of the Chain.
    3x Enable/Disable Front Switch Option
    4X Auxiliar Inserts Additional  for future VM Slave
    4X  -10sum / 0dB after Sum front Switch option, for Aux 1/2/3/4

    1st DB25: 
    MASTER OUT A (outputs)
    MASTER OUT B (outputs)
    MASTER SEND 1 (outputs)
    MASTER SEND 2 (outputs)

    2nd DB25:
    MASTER C (outputs)
    MASTER D (outputs)
    MASTER E (outputs)
    MASTER SEND 3 (outputs)

    3nd DB25: 
    Aux 1 Additional AUXILIAR INSERT future VM Slave (Inputs)
    Aux 2 Additional AUXILIAR INSERT future VM Slave (Inputs)
    Aux 3 Additional AUXILIAR INSERT future VM Slave (Inputs)
    Aux 4 Additional AUXILIAR INSERT future VM Slave (Inputs)
    4nd DB25: 
    MASTER RETURN 1 (Inputs)
    MASTER RETURN 2 (Inputs)
    MASTER RETURN 3 (Inputs)
    Ghost 0db

    Slave Section
    Slave Sums: -15dB insertion loss
    Group A 2 X DB25  (1-8) (9-16) 1/2 - 3/4 - 5/6 - 7/8
    4xStereo to Mono by Switch for (1-8)=8 mono
    Group B  2 X DB25 (17-24) (25-32) 1/2 - 3/4 - 5/6 - 7/8
    4xStereo to Mono by Switch for (17-24)=8 mono
    Group C 1 X DB25 (33-40)/ 1/2 - 3/4
    2 X Stereo to Mono on Group C
    Group D 1 X DB25 (41-48)/1/2 - 3/4
    2 X Stereo to Mono on Group D
    Slave Sums Send/Return:
    Group ABCD Stereo Send by 1 X DB25 by front switches
    Group  ABCD Stereo Return by 1 X DB25 by front switches
    With Individual C & D  Stereo to Mono Option by 2xSwitch 


  • Unique Design Engrave: "Custom built for Alejandro Rosso by VintageMaker"

  • Power Led: Blue

  • 110-240VAC to 18-24 VDC 0,6-1,5A PSU

  • Unique Name engraved front panel

  • build time 32 business working weekdays (estimated)


2in1 Neumann 64x4 DB25/XLR 8STM SND 

2in1 Active/Passive Neumann 64x4 DB25 in /XLR out 8xSTM SND/RET

Price: order 

  • 2U Standard rack
  • Neumann v475-2B NOS
  • 64 in by DB25 tascam balanced
  • 2xstereo out by XLR balanced (main/monitor)
  • 8 x (STM)stereo to mono by switch = 8 mono
  • Master Active/Passive option by switch
  • Master send/return by switch via XLR balanced
  • Linear L/R Neumann master gain control
  • Vintage white cream "chicken head" knobs
  • 110-240VAC to 24VDC PSU Eu plug
  • "designed for  ISOKINETIK Karl Smith by VintageMaker
  • 110-240VAC to 18-24 VDC 0,6-1,5A PSU
  • Power Led: Blue
  • build time 16 business working weekdays (estimated)

Master Active/Passive 2in1 option: like You have 2 type of summing mixer in the box: 


  1. Active mixer: gain makeup by inside amp Neumann/Filtek/Lawo/NE2OX
  2. Passive mixer: gain makeup by Your external micpres or DAW amplifiers
  3. Benefits: Different amp = Different sound character

Master Send/Return option: SEND master audio signal to external EQ, Comp, Limiter


  • 2xSwitch version: You can Bypass Send/Return / or / Enable Send/Return by switch
  • Auto TRS version: signal was non iterrupted if nothing connected to SEND out TRS

Stereo to Mono input switch: . youtube Stereo to Mono function


Neumann 64x4 DB25/XLR 4STM SND Minimal

Neumann 2B 64x4 DB25 in /XLR out 4xSTM  Master SND/RET Minimal design

Price: order 

  • 2U 19"standard rack unit 
  • Neumann v475-2C NOS
  • 64 in by DB25 Tascam Standard balanced
  • 2xStereo out  by XLR balanced (Main out and 1 Speaker out)
  • 4xStereo to mono = 8 mono by switch
  • Master Insert Send Return by Switch via XLR balanced
  • 2x21 step precision Neumann master gain potentiometers 
  • BLACK vintage style chicken head knobs.
  • Power LED: Blue
  • Name & Logo engrave:" Dreamtouch "
  • 110-240VAC to 18-24 VDC 0,6-1,5A PSU
  • build time 14 business working weekdays (estimated)


2in1 Neumann 64x6 TRS/DB25/XLR 4xSTM SND

Störung Festival opens its doors once again on April 15th in Barcelona to offer performances, workshops and lectures by prominent audiovisual artists, national and international musicians for four days.

2in1 Active/Passive Neumann 64x4 TRS/DB25 input /XLR out 4xSTM Master SND/RET 

Price: order 

  • 2U standard rack
  • Neuman v475 2C NOS
  • Active/Passive 2in1 option by switch
  • 32 inputs by TRS balanced  1-16 (1-32)
  • 32 inputs by DB25 balanced 17-32 (33-64)
  • 3x stereo out XLR balanced (Main/Monitor/Meter)
  • 4x stereo to mono on CH1 to CH4 by switch
  • Master Insert/Send/Return/Bypass by switch /TRS balanced
  • 2x21 step precision master gain potentiometer
  • Designed and built for Störung Studio by VintageMaker
  • 220VAC / 24VDC PSU (EU Plug)
  • LED: Blue
  • build time 18 business working weekdays (estimated)

Stereo to Mono input switch: For mono signals (such as kick, snares, lead vocals or bass that should appear centered in the middle of a mix), it would be a waste to use (Stereo L/R panned channels) what would amount to two required converters for a mono result. In such cases, channel pairs 1 & 2, 3 & 4 etc may be switched to mono mode (CH1 to 1-2), so that, for example, there might be a (mono) kick on channel 1, snare on channel 2 and bass on channel 3, etc. youtube Stereo to Mono function

3U 32/56 Input Neumann Lawo Filtek Summing Mixer

Analogue Versus Digital





When it comes to audio, some aspects of analogue technology introduce artifacts and distortions that are perceived as pleasant


and are often musically enhancing — and this is something that lies at the heart of the idea of 'analogue warmth'.


Of course, mechanical equipment can be expensive or impossible to acquire, and a hassle to maintain or use. Small wonder, then, that so many people seek (and so many manufacturers now provide) software and hardware tools that aim to reintroduce some 'analogue character' into digital production chains. Some of it works well, some of it not so well — but what is it actually trying to emulate?