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40 - 56 input analog summing mixer hybrid mix daw cubase pro tools mix in analog

44 - 56 Input Channel Summing Mixers 


3in1 Neumann/NE2OX 44x4 DB25/XLR 4STM 2SND 8CH INS

insert external compressor to summing mixer

3in1 Active/Passive Neumann NE2OX 44x4 DB25 in /XLR out 4xSTM 2xSND/RET A/B Out Switch CTRL, 8x Channel Insert

Price: order 

  • 2U Standard Rack
  • 3in1 option by switch:
  • Passive: different amp = different character
  • Active1: Neumann v475-2B NOS
  • Active2: NE2OX_A7E 
  • 2x21Step precision Neumann master gain L/R control potentiometers
  • 2xLinear NE2OX A7E master gain  L/R control pot 
  • 1xLinear NE2OX A7E High enhance control by "Rotary Pot"
  • 40 input by DB25 Tascam Balanced
  • 2xstereo (4) input  by XLR Balanced 41/42 and 43/44
  • 2x21 step precision attenuator for 41/42 and 43/44
  • 2xStereo out by XLR Balanced (Main/Monitor)
  • 4xStereo to mono = 8 mono by switch CH1 to 1/2, CH2 to 3/4, CH3 to 5/6 and CH4 to 7/8
  • CH Send option on first (1-8 in) by Send DB25
  • CH Return option on first (1-8 in) by Return DB25
  • 4xCH Insert/ReturnBypass switch (4xstereo pair)
  • 2xIndependent Send/return option by switch (chained)
  • Send/Return A---CHAINED---Send/Return B----Master OUT(Main/Monitor)
  • Direct input option on stereo CH1 in by switch
  • 2xON/OFF switch on master out (Main/Monitor)
  • 1xStereo to Mono on master out (Main/Monitor)
  • Unique Design Engrave: "Custom built for Alejandro Rosso by VintageMaker"
  • Power Led: Green
  • 110-240VAC to 18-24 VDC 0,6-1,5A PSU
  • Unique Name engraved front panel
  • build time 22 business working weekdays (estimated)

Read more about NE2OX amp:

*Permanently out of stock

Customer review

After years of doing my mixes in an SSL 9072 in a local studio

 it went "for private use only" meaning no more mixing for me in there, meaning the owner just really closed it down for whatever reason unbeknown to me. So this meant transforming my "tracking only" studio to mix my stuff too, hence the interest in the summing universe which i researched for months, i went ahead and contacted Paul at VintageMaker in Dec 2016 with an specific summing box: 44 x 4, 3 option (1. passive 2. Neumann v475-2B 3. NE2OX_A7E) 2 stereo inserts mono/stereo option for first 8 channels First 8 ins with end/returnsand many little switches and knob details to my specific liking. After a month and many great emails with Paul about the details and different options and suggestions, many pics sent with the unit being built and then shipped, the unit arrived yesterday, i haven't been able to test it properly (just had time to put it in the rack and turn it on) but i will do so this next week and send my comments and review about its sound soon. 

All i can say is that VintageMaker has been a delightful gear buying experience


i threw a lot of details and options for the unit and Paul not only was glad to make it to my taste, he also suggested great other options and upgrades in switches, knobs and overall design. 

The unit looks top notch in every way (knobs, switches,XLR and DB25 connections


front and back panels etc) and i am sure i will have a great "sound" palette for my final mixes that will definitely be better than just ITB mixing (not trying to get into the ITB vs OTB debate, i am an OTB guy) at an unbeatable bang for the buck price.

Thanks again VintageMaker!


2in1 Neumann 40x6 DB25/XLR 4STM SND 8CH INS

2in1 Active/Passive Neumann 40x6 DB25 input /XLR output 4STM SND 8CH INS

Price: order 

  • 2U standard rack
  • Neuman v475-2C
  • 40 in by 5xDB25 balanced
  • 3 x Stereo out XLR
  • 4 x (STM) Stereo to mono on stereo CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4= 8 mono by switch
  • 4x Stereo (8) Channel Send/return by switch via TRS bal (Send/Return)
  • Master Active/Passive 2in1 by switch option
  • Master Send/return by switch via XLR balanced
  • 2x21 step precision Neumann master gain control L/R potentiometers
  • Power LED: RED
  • Black chicken head knobs
  • 110-240VAC to 18-24 VDC 0,6-1,5A PSU
  • Unique Name engraved front panel
  • build time 20 business working weekdays (estimated)

Customer review

Incredible value for money. 

I guess it's not worth posting mixes as you change your workflow when you get a summingmixer.

I did shootout the vintagemaker with the Burl bomber, the Dangerous 2 BUS, the Shadow Hills Equinox

and ended up keeping the VintageMaker.


2in1 Neumann 48x4 TRS/TRS/XLR 8STM SND

2in1 Active/Passive Neumann 48x4 TRS in /TRS/XLR out 8xSTM SND/RET

Chanel insert by DB25 send /return, A/B out control

Price: order 

  • 2U Standard rack unit (250mm deep)
  • Neumann v475-2B NOS
  • 48 input by TRS balanced (24L and 24R =24Stereo input)
  • 2xstereo out:
  • 1xStereo out TRS balanced (primary OUT1)
  • 1xStereo out  XLR balanced (OUT2 for active monitors) 
  • 8 x (STM) stereo to mono  = 16 mono by switch on desired ch's
  • Active/Passive 2in1 option by switch
  • Master Insert/Return by switch via TRS balanced
  • 2x21 step precision Neumann master gain potentiometer
  • Engraving: Dimitry Samusev "D.S."
  • 110-240VAC to 18-24 VDC 0,6-1,5A PSU
  • Power Led: Green
  • build time 16 business working weekdays (estimated)


2in1 Neumann 48x6 DB25/XLR 10xSTM GROUP SND


Grammy Nominated Mixing & Recording Engineer Based In London UK

2in1 Neumann 2B / Active/Passive 40x6 DB25 in /XLR out 10xSTM GROUP SND/RET Master SND/RET 

Price: order 

  • 2U 19"standard rack unit 
  • Neumann 2B NOS 
  • 48 input by DB25 Tascam Standard Balanced
  • Channel (1/7 stereo) 1-14 always routed to Group A (And mono switches for 1/2 3/4) 
  • Channel (8/12 stereo) 11-24 always routed to group B (And mono switches for 15/16, 17/18)
  • Channel (13/16 stereo) 25-32 always routed to group C (And mono switches for 25/26, 27/28)
  • Channel (17/20 stereo) 33-40 always routed to group D (And mono switches for 33/34, 35/36)
  • Channel (21/24 stereo) 41-48 Regular to master sum (And mono switches for 41/42, 43/44)
  • Group ABCD Send/Return/Bypass by 4xSwitch
  • Group ABCD Send/Return/Bypass by DB25 Tascam Standard
  • Master Active/passive switch
  • 1x Master Send/Return/Bypass by switch via XLR
  • Master out by 3xStereo by XLR balanced 
  • 1x21 step precision Master attenuator end of the chain, bypass switch
  • 2x21 step precision Neumann master gain potentiometers
  • Power LED: Blue
  • Name engrave: 
  • 110-240VAC to 18-24 VDC 0,6-1,5A PSU
  • build time 20 business working weekdays (estimated)


2in1 Neumann 56x4 DB25/TRS 12STM SND

2in1 Active/Passive Neumann 56x4 DB25 input /TRS out 12xSTM Master SND/RET 

Price: order 

  • 2U standard rack
  • Neumann v475-2C NOS
  •  56 input 7xDB25 Tascam Standard Balanced (9-32)
  • 2xStereo out by TRS balanced
  • 12x (STM) Stereo to mono  = 24 mono 
  • Master send return by switch via TRS balanced
  • Master 21 step precision Neumann master gain potentiometer
  • Master Active/Passive 2in1 by switch
  • 220VAC / 24VDC PSU (EU Plug)
  • LED: Blue
  • build time 18 business working weekdays (estimated)


64 96 Input Neumann Lawo Filtek Summing Mixer